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1965-68 Merrimac

The Best of the 1965-68 Merrimacs

Here we've selected over 200 photos from our four yearbooks and organized them by year.

The photos consist of whatever "artistic" works exist in each yearbook, along with other photos that just seemed memorable or interesting.

We attempted to include shots that featured our class, but there are plenty of pictures from other classes, too.

We did not try to scan every club, team and group.  That would just take too long.  

However, we made it a point to capture the entire Class of 1968 as it drifted through South High fifty-odd years ago.  The exception to this rule is the 1968 Merrimac, in which case the Senior Photo Pages have already been posted.  

The Junior yearbook had to be separated into two parts.



Freshman Year: 1965 Merrimac Volume 8



Sophomore Year: 1966 Merrimac Volume 9



Junior Year: 1967 Merrimac Volume 10 Part 1

Junior Year: 1967 Merrimac Volume 10 Part 2



Senior Year: 1968 Merrimac Volume 11