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50th Group III

This third group of photos is rather interesting, partially because it shows just a glimpse of our honoring of our military veterans.  Look closely at the expressions on everybody during this ceremony and it will tell you a lot.  Keep in mind that Steve was playing fitting military music during this entire proceeding.  He's been around.

There are also excellent photos of our teachers.  They look pretty darn good, wouldn't you agree?

I provided a bit more information about: Ron and Carol Wilson, background on the big class photo (2019), singing of the national anthem, Don Ward,  Tina Willey and the 1968 Merrimac, and the Draft and our class' relationship with it.

#405  Larry Fanucchi (auto shop), Barry Phillips (b), with Dave Frye and Rob Daniels in bg.  Who is the fellow in the left foreground?  


#406  Robert Gabbitas with various bg faces: Lynn Siegrist, Jim Dotson, Gary Barnes.  Possibly Sheri Anthes on far left.


#406-a  Same, close up.


#407  Carol Baugh, Susan Gresham, Anna Hinton, with backgounders (is that Gary McCain or David Frye in the blue shirt?), Gilbert Lizalde, Art Montanio, Mary Grens, Pam Hunt and Jim Dotson's sleeve.


#408  Judy Hill and spouse Gary Barnes, with Rosalie and Howard Rodgers, Ray and Cindy Okida.


#411  Jennifer Chadburn, Robin Stone, Ron Hudson, Carol Shields.  In the bg are Alan Arao, Gary Plotner, Ron Wilson, Alan Shackelford, Freddy Contreras.


#412  Steve Woods' musical setup. Note that he is using a tablet for his music.  Also note the stage setup behind the keyboard.  It is two risers in length.  The photographers who checked out the scene prior to the gig had at least three risers across.  This would have made the group photos of the class a bit more manageable.  Steve wanted to cut down the size of the stage in order for him to have a bit more room to configure his space.  Having a smaller stage compromised the big group photo, somewhat.  This is what happens when your photogs expect one thing but get something else.


#413  Freddy, Don Allen, Mike Martin with Terry Heflin, Johnny Carls, and Alan Shackelford in bg.


#414  Jennifer Chadburn speaking with Robin Stone.  Others include Carol Wilson, Gary P, Alan A, Tony Cornett.


#415  Alan Arao in the center with Ron Wilson, Jennifer, Carol W (b), Robin, Gary, and Andrea Mack.  Ron and Carol Wilson dropped by our house recently to pick up the wonderful 1968 scrapbook.  We had a nice conversation.  They live in the Tehachapi area now, after being in Hart's Flat for a few years.  Carol is from the midwest, originally.  Ron and Carol met when she became a new teacher out in the Lamont area many years ago.  Gary, Jennifer, Vicki and I had beers at Lengthwise not too long ago and reminisced about the old days.  We'll need to do that again before we clear out of town for good.  We are in the midst of selling the last May/Reynolds home in Bakersfield.  The May/Reynolds families have been a part of Bakersfield since the early 1900's.


#430  Lacey Hicks, Charlane Davis (Hicks), and Kathy Mashburne.  Stve Flores, Gilbert, Susan Flack and a few others in the bg.


#430-a  Same, close up.  Now we can make out Carol Shields, guest of Deschwanden and Bobbie Deschwanden.


#437  Star Spangled Banner.  I recalled that Joe Mallard sang tenor in high school and so asked him to come up and help us sing ther national anthem.  It was a rousing rendition led by Joe, JB, JR and Vickie Burke.  Vickie and I were in band together for four years in high school.  We probably never spoke a word to each other the whole time.  50 years later I find out that she is smart, industrious, fun loving and an all around great person.   She is also a pretty good singer.


#441  Committee members singing the anthem.  It's about 6:28 PM.  We allowed for the first hour to be visiting time.


#591  Mr Don Ward and Eugene Walker.  Don was our backfield coach for the football team and the freshmen baseball coach in 1965.  Eugene played on both teams, as did I and several others, including Wal Topic, Jerry Mason, Jack Fisher, Ruben Rivera, JB, Steve Narducci and Dan McLean.


#642  Kelli Limi and Tony Valenti.  We are very appreciative of the great job they did in greeting our class to the reunion.


#636  Tina Willey with Kelli and Tony.


#637  Going through the steps of becoming part of the reunion.

#638  Tony probably saying something like: "Make sure you pick up one of the 'find me' buttons. They are in the bucket. Right there."  Tina was a particularly difficult person to find.  I've said it before on these pages but it deserves another shout out.  Tina left school early in 1968 and so did not graduate with us in June (though she graduated later). Therefore, she never received a 1968 Merrimac -- which is the name of our yearbook.  If she had bought a yearbook she would have seen that her name on her senior photo was all wrong.  The Merrimac claimed that her name was Vicki Willams!

Here's the proof:

I knew something wasn't right when I tried to locate a "Vicki Williams", born in Kern County in 1950 -- and came up empty.  The wrong name sent me down several bad paths to nowhere.  Finally, Vickie Burke told me that Vicki Williams was really Tina Willey.  Vickie Burke knew Tina well throughout our school years in Bakersfield.  Once I had the correct name it was a bit more straight forward to find Tina.  Once I was sure that it was her on the other end ot the phone, I asked her about the name mixup in the yearbook.  She did not have a clue about it because she had never seen a 1968 Merrimac. So after 50 years, a wrong has been made right.  By the way, Tina had one of the best graduation photos in the class -- wouldn't you agree?  It was great seeing her at the reunion.  

But how did the name get changed from Tina Willey to Vicki Williams?  That will remain a mystery forever, I suppose.  You may also recall one of the fellows in the industrial arts club is labeled as "G. Whiz".  This happens when you have high school kids on the editorial staff.


#640  Bill Ver Huel and Ruben Rivera.


#642  Same, close up.


#658  JR, talking about something.  I should have brought a music stand to free up one hand.


#659  Here we are starting out the honoring of veterans, in this case Ray Hernandez of the Air Force.  Who else can you pick out?  CM, GB, Sara, Irma, Freddy, Ron N, Joe M, Judy H, Steve Franco (b) and Jim Dotson, of course.


#661  Ronnie Newton and Joe Mallard were in the Coast Guard.


#664  Besides Joe, we have glimpses of Ron N, Ray H, Norma, Steve, Kenneth Weldin's hat, Judy Weed, Jim Dotson, Pennie and Gilbert Lizalde, Barry Phillips and Shona, and maybe Tina Willey. 

#665  Wes Clements and Dennis Brothers were in the Navy.  We also see Ed Butler, Billy Ray, Dale Rosen, Jimmy and Maggie Beleu, Bobbie Deschwanden and a few others.


#666  Similar.


#667  Here's Art Montanio with Ron W, Rose L, Carol W, Rita Lozano, Steve Flores, Lynn S, GB, Jim Watson, Sara, Irma, Freddy and others.


#668  Bill Ver Huel (Marines?), Joan Ver Huel, Dick Anthes (far left).  Is that Clyde Klingler in the bg?


#669  Willie Stubblefield standing up for the Marines.  Linda is on the left and Phil Walker is on the far right.  Kenneth Weldin's hat in bg.


#670  Don Ward and Hal Eggleston were in the Marines, also.  No wonder Ward was such a tough coach!  On the other hand, Eggleston was much easier to get along with, at least for me.  Others include: Joan Ver Huel, Lorraine Ward, Melinda Moore, Rose Lopez, Ron and Carol Wilson.


#671  Hal Eggleston with Ron and Carol W, Bob Gabbitas, Larry Fanucchi and others.  Eggleston was my advisory class teacher for four years.  It is too bad that we don't have photos of each of the advisory classes.  These were people that we spent four years with.  I recall a few people in my class, including Glenda Rogers, Billy Seabourn and Vera Malone.  Who else was in Egg's class?


#672  It appears that we have moved on to the Army.  Here's Sam Stover.


#672-a  Same as closeup.


#674  Definitely in Army territory now.  Jerry and Ruben signed up together but ended up being assigned to different parts of the world.  Jerry went to Europe and Ruben went to Alaska, I believe.  Others include Gary and Sandy McCain, Terry Heflin, Michael Chinn, Terri Walker and Ron Hudson.  I found the whole process of honoring our military veterans a very moving experience.


#675  Similar, with Ron Williams, Alan, Gary M, Terry Heflin, and Mike Chinn.


#676  Jimmy Belyeu, Hank Weldin and Bill Hackney, I believe.  Also, Mike Newby, Willie Stubblefield, and Kenneth Weldin's hat.


#677  Jimmy Belyeu, Billy Ray, Linda Cox (?), Mike Gilbert, Mike N, Ed Butler, Maggie B, Willie Stubblefield.


#678  Gilbert Lizalde and many others.


#679  Jim Dotson, Ray Hernandez, Freddy Contreras, GB, CM, and Gilbert L.


#681  Standing: Sam Stover, Gary Barnes, Jim Dotson, (possibly Barry in the back), with Ron and Carol W, Steve F, and GB.  Ours was one of the last high school classes with a large number of military veterans.  The draft was still in effect in 1968.  After WWII, the draft lasted from 1947-1973.  However, the first draft lottery occurred on December 1, 1969.  The lottery assured those who got a "high number" that they would likely not be drafted. The draft was abolished in June, 1973.

Many in our class went into the military right out of high school. Those who could, or chose, to go to college in 1968 were granted a 2-S draft deferment.  This generally lasted 4 years, or until you were no longer going to college.  Some went to BC for a couple years and then joined up or were drafted. 

We have about 50 in our class with military experience.  A class today may easily have fewer than 10. 


#683  It appears that they are starting the raffle activities.  JB, Vickie B, CM, PP, JW.


#684  Similar.


#685  Behind the scenes at the fun door.  Judy Weed, Judy Hill and Norma.  Jim Dotson checking things out.


#686  DeAnn Paslay joing the crowd.  Jim Dotson still curious.


#690  LBV and bottle of something.


#691  Jim Dotson ready to take a picture.  JR in bg with LBV.  Hit the button, Jim.


#692  Vickie Burke, Helen DeLaMater and Dominic!


#693  Melinda Moore with Don Ward in the bg.


#695  Sheri and Dick Anthes.  Bill Ver Huel and Hal Eggleston behind.


#698  Jennifer Chadburn


#705  Lots of people here: Jennifer, Robin, Ron N, Helen, Gary P, Tony C, Alan Shackelford, Jeff Leong, Ron Williams, Terry H, Mike C, Jerry and possibly Mike Beckerdite.  Many others.


#706  Similar.  Exercise left to the reader.


#707  Starting to get organized for the class photo.  Melinda (blue) is trying to figure out where to go since she was not part of the original big class photo of 1968.


#708  More jockeying for position.  I notice that Steve Woods is helping to organize the mob.


#715  Carol Baugh and Stave Flores. Steve wrote columns in the Bakersfield Californian about this non-relationship!  I think that she is saying, "I'm sorry Steve.  I just don't remember any of that!"  It made for great reading, however.

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