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SSB Harmonic Convergence

This is the Star Spangled Banner sung by a male quartet called Harmonic Convergence.  

I was one of the original members of this barbershop quartet, which we started several years ago in Nevada City, CA.

I was not officially in this group in 2015 when this live recording was made.  However, the bass singer was called out of the country and the show must go on — so I was recruited to sing bass.  I’m not a natural bass but I can fill in anywhere when necessary.

We only rehearsed the tune once or twice so it is not perfect.  But I love the energy.  Our patriotic pride absolutely comes through on the recording, which was done at a retirement home in Roseville with absolutely no amplification.  Listen and you will hear my “land of the free” solo towards the end!  That was fun.

Enjoy.  I’m opening this page up to anybody who wants to listen to the performance.  

Welcome all listeners and may God Bless America. 

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