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Old Class Photos

Old Class Photos

Some will find these photos the most interesting pics on the entire website.

We have gathered old class photos from kindergarten through 8th grade from the various feeder schools.

Schools include Wayside, Frank West, Casa Loma, Golden State and Panama.

Recall that the 1964 Greenfield Junior High yearbook is in the "Other Yearbooks" area. (By the way, new in "Other Yearbooks" is the 1964 Panama Beehive yearbook.)

We decided to scramble all the schools together for this "Old Class Photos" section, while ordering the photos from kindergarten through 8th grade.

If you have more photos we can integrate those, too.  Just send them to me or post them on What's New or one of the forums.

We most recently added two Fairview School photos contributed by Jerry Mason.


Old Class Photos

Various Old School Items

Sheree's Old Class Photos