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Jeff Leong Photos

Jeff took a few very nice photos at the 50th reunion.

I think that you will agree that these turned out well.  Sometimes it helps to know the people in your photos.


Howard and Rosalie Rodgers --Homeroom Mr Hodson's wood shop upstairs in the classroom


Vickie Burke and Patti Keller


Bobbie Deschwanden and husband


Sheree Hale, Kathy St.Louis, Pam Bailey


Eugene Walker and Ruben Rivera


Terri Walker and Mike Martin


Melinda Moore and Mike Chinn


Two Carols -- Baugh and Shields and Sam Stover


Terry (Our Johnny Reb) Heflin and Lynna Philley


Norma McClellan and Judy Weed


Newlyweds Cindy and Dave Bell


Former neighbors Sheree Hale and Alan Arao


Sammy Louie and Mike Chinn


Dennis Jensen and DeAnn Paslay


Dick Anthes and Joe Mallard


Brenda Edwards and Charlene "Chaney" (Davis) Hicks


Charlane Davis Hicks and Jeff Leong


Meet & Greet Oct 12, 2018


Dale Rosen (upper left), Jeff Leong (lower right)


Jeff Leong