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41st Reunion 2009

The 41st Reunion, sometimes referred to as the "mini-reunion", was held on Saturday, June 6, 2009 at the Hungry Hunter in Bakersfield.  

Ethel Landers Wimsett was primarily responsible for pulling this off-year event together, assisted by Vickie Burke, Linda Brownlee, Pam Hunt and Lynna Philley.  

The attendance was 35-40 total, but the event was important in that it kept people in contact with one another.  Otherwise it would have been a long 15 years between the 35th in 2003 and the 50th in 2018.  So, thanks to all who participated in the 41st "mini-reunion"!  

This was also the first reunion in which almost all the men displayed gray hair.  Amazingly, almost no gray hair in the female camp.

Ethel put together a nice booklet for the event and the photos were no doubt done with a digital camera, for the first time.  


41st Booklet
14 Photos  7/29/18
41st Photos
33 Photos  7/29/18